Students and staff have their work sent worldwide


A collection of undergraduate and postgraduate students have joined members of staff in submitting work for the international 20:20 Print Exchange, organised by Hot Bed Press. This extra-curricular activity gave students the opportunity to design and print their work with the possibility of it being sent as far away as Russia.

Birmingham School of Art

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Our 2019 entries consisted of a variety of printmaking techniques from stone lithography, screen printing, embossing, etching, relief printing, lasercut relief and letterpress. This project gave students the chance to experience with other processes so they can develop their individual skills with traditional printmaking techniques.

The students and staff combined to produce 500 prints, with 20 artists making an edition of 25 prints each. The deadline day saw over 100 prints being produced within the print room.

Birmingham School of Art’s entries were co-ordinated by Senior Technician in Fine Art Printing, Justin Sanders.

“I’ve worked with Hot Bed Press for many years doing master classes in printmaking, so when I started at Birmingham School of Art, I got students involved” Justin explained. “It led to us being one of the first universities to take part and it’s just been growing from there.”

“Extra-curricular activities like these bring people together, sharing ideas across undergraduate and postgraduate students and being part of an international exchange. The opportunity to showcase your work and having it sent to another country – what more could you want?”

It’s not just experienced print working students who have been involved either, as Justin explains: “this year was the first year we’ve had three foundation students take part who have had little experience of printmaking. We all helped out to ensure their work was completed on time.”

“If you’ve never editioned work, it can be a little daunting at first even cutting or tearing paper down to the right size and getting all your prints identical, maintaining the inking consistency. The deadline day consisted of over 100 prints entailing stone lithography and screen printing which was phenomenal. It really emphasised the community feel within the print room.”

Artists involved each receive a box containing one of their own prints and 19 other randomly selected from all the other artists taking part.

Justin has also submitted a piece for the exchange – ‘Made you look’. An edition is currently being exhibited in the Tech//TRONIC Technicians Exhibition currently on at Parkside Gallery.

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