Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)


There are many ways to work with us. For example, you can access expert advice through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Birmingham City University. This is a government initiative to develop a business collaboration between a company, a graduate, our academic expertise with an Innovate UK grant.

A KTP allows businesses to learn from the latest research and industry developments in an affordable way. With your specific business aims in mind, we will assign a KTP associate to your business. The Associate will embed their skills and knowledge into your company, supported by an expert member of staff. Projects range in length from 18-36 months.

Birmingham City University is a leading provider of KTPs in the region. Discover more about KTPs here.

Case Studies

Gun Quarter Urban Design Research with D5 Architects LLP

Since August 2007, Birmingham City University and D5 Architects LLP are partners in an urban design research project. The 30-month project makes part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), a government funded research-based programme aiming to enable a better transfer of academic knowledge into small and medium-sized companies in order to increase their competency and competitiveness.

The project aims to analyse the historical, physical, socio-cultural and socio-economic environment in the case study area, to assess the extent of urban regeneration which could facilitate spatial and social inclusion, and to propose a series of urban design interventions to improve current deficiencies.

Through the project, D5 Architects have increased their competency by developing an in-house speciality for urban design and research based design solutions. In addition, the project provides case study material for teaching and further research to appraise current urban design practices and generate new academic output.

To find out more information, please contact or D5 Architects LLP

Evac+Chair International

BSoAD KTPs evac chairEvac+Chair International, based in Birmingham, are a leading manufacturer of evacuation chairs and equipment, ensuring those with restricted mobility are able to be transported quickly and effectively in emergency situations. With high spending on post-neonatal care due to excessive impact during ambulance transportation, Evac+Chair identified the opportunity to solve this challenge by partaking in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP, part-funded by Innovate UK) to reduce the impact on neonates (babies under four weeks old) during transit in ambulances.

In order to achieve this, Evac+Chair enlisted the help of Birmingham City University’s School of Architecture and Design academics to support the design and development of a g-force reduction ambulance trolley that can also safeguard the neonate in the event of an ambulance crash of up to 40MPH.

Evac+Chair full case study