Lydia Phillips

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Can you tell us a little more about your project?

The Facet Collection is a series of contemporary homewares designed to be used as both functional and decorative items. The most popular item is the Facet bottle opener.

Where did the inspiration for it come from?

The inspiration for my project derived directly from my enthusiasm to re-purpose waste materials.  I recognised that large quantities of timber off-cuts are incinerated as they are deemed to be “scrap” material. This formed the foundation of my project. The idea of using facets was purely for aesthetics- I loved the contrast the between the angular timber body and thick brass tube.

How important is being able to exhibit externally?

I believe it is incredibly important to exhibit externally. By exhibiting it has allowed me to develop the confidence to talk about my work, which is something I have always struggled with.

What has your highlight of the course been so far?

The highlight of the course so far was being selected to take part in the annual Young Furniture Makers’ Industry Tour. The tour really opened my eyes to the world of design and manufacture, as well as allowing me to network with students studying similar disciplines. Most of which I am still in contact with now.

Could you tell us a little more about your design interests?

I see design as a journey rather than a formal process, creating through curiosity, intertwined with a love of details and minimalist tendencies. I love bold lines, dramatic shapes and just a hint of colour!