Farjana Akhtar

Project title: RHOM Vase Collection

Can you tell us a little more about your project?

A collection of nested, geometric vases for long-stemmed plants. When receiving flowers, you can bring out this collection and place the flowers into the test tubes. The nested design minimises the waste of materials and packaging.

How important is being able to exhibit externally?

It is very important being able to exhibit externally because not only are you representing your university and your course, but you are also presenting yourself as a designer and your design to the real world.

What has your highlight of the course been so far?

I have always wanted to work with solid wood, and the Design in Context brief is the first project that I used a hardwood for. I enjoyed working with hardwood purely because after all the sanding and cutting that the wood goes through, the wood grain just looks amazing and the colour of a lot of the woods just is aesthetically pleasing.

Could you tell us a little more about your design interests?

As a student and an individual still learning about the design world, there are designers that I have yet to learn about and discover. I like designers such as Tom Raffield and Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec. I lean more towards products that have material combination with wood and/or bold and soft colours. A product that has been made for consumers to engage with is what draws me in rather just admiring it.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying Product and Furniture Design at BCU?

Jump in with both feet and learn whatever comes your way and more. Get in the workshop and communicate with your technicians, tutors and peers to improve all your skills and gain knowledge.