Emma Jones

Project title: Perluo Soap Tray

Can you tell us a little more about your project?

I wanted to produce an object which encouraged the user to use “zero waste” products i.e. those which have little to no packaging and / or have a much lower carbon footprint during their manufacture.

Liquid soap is extremely popular and in nearly every household, but has a 25% bigger carbon footprint compared to bar soap and the plastic bottle and pump needs to be disposed after use.

One of the biggest problems with bar soap is it turns mushy when wet, creating a mess at the sink and wasting the product. The Perluo tray stores soap in such a way that the bar never comes into contact with water- the shaver removes small curls of soap which can then be used.

The tray is finished using many coats of beeswax which offers water resistance, and all metal components are powder coated for durability. All components can easily be taken apart at product end of life.

How important is being able to exhibit externally?

Earlier on in the year I exhibited a light from first year at the Young Furniture Makers exhibition and this was a brilliant experience, it helped my confidence when talking to others about my work. It’s great to see your work displayed professionally and is also helpful preparation for the grad show.

What has your highlight of the course been so far?

All of it! Seeing how much I’ve learnt in three years is a rewarding feeling. There’s also a really positive studio atmosphere here, and its fun working alongside like-minded people. The study trips bring everyone together and are a great opportunity to visit new places.

Could you tell us a little more about your design interests?

I am really interested in responsible design, and design having a new “purpose” as society becomes more aware of the environmental pressures we are and will be facing.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying Product and Furniture Design at BCU?

If you are interested in design definitely pursue it. Practice sketching, using software, anything related to design as much as possible to keep developing your skills. It’s not an easy subject and you’ll have to invest a lot of time into the work but it is definitely worth it.


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