Enhancing your employability

At Birmingham School of Architecture and Design, employability will be an integral outcome of your studies.

CareerWe have a clear roadmap for our students in terms of professional knowledge, business awareness and transferrable skills which build up towards producing graduates who meet the exact needs of the current jobs market.

Many of our lecturers come from and maintain their links with industry, ensuring that our courses always meet the needs of the current marketplace. Wherever possible, we involve employers in planning the curriculum.

We value

  • Students taking individual ownership and direction of their education and careers
  • Reaching out to work with communities, industries and other disciplines
  • Preparing students for professional careers, inside and outside of architecture and design

We are at the heart of the regional architecture and design community. We provide useful expertise to industry and engage in investigative projects where students and academic staff collaborate with industry in a number of key ways, including Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP).

KTPs are a tried and tested three-way partnership between business, the University and a high calibre graduate (a ‘KTP Associate’), to generate innovative ideas for the company. A KTP allows businesses to learn from the latest research and insight.

We also offer a number of opportunities for students at various levels to be employed as research assistants and design studio mentors in the BA programmes or to support facilities such as printing and model-making.

Our graduates work for companies such as Associated Architects, Birmingham City Council, Glenn Howells Architects, DFD Design, Graffiti4Hire Ltd, River Island and Stax Creations, Aspect Landscapes and B&GArchitects, Brian James trailers, Plant Moss, Kandola and Kleiner GmbH & Co KG.