Ying Sun


Doctoral Researcher


Ying Sun is from Qingdao. Her current research explores the square dance in urban spaces in contemporary China, which is funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). Supervised by Prof. Jiang Jiehong and Dr. Xiao Jieling, her research topic is ‘Square dance in Urban Spaces in Contemporary China’. In the 21st century, square dancing has become a popular and significant phenomenon during the urban transformations in contemporary China. It is usually performed in public urban spaces by highly gendered groups of middle-aged women, who experienced the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Their collective performance as daily routine can be seen as an important extension of Mao’s legacy, particularly the notion of ‘mass art’. This research project aims to explore the cultural and political origin of the square dancing, examine its participation, perception and dissemination, and to re-assess its impact on the urban soundscape and visual culture, and the everyday aesthetics in China today.

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