News and Events

Recent projects include

  • Hidden Connections and Environmental Flows - how local environmental interaction induces individual and community positivity in urban locations (AHRC funded)
  • More than human communities exploring community connections through other environmental metaphors (AHRC funded)
  • Exploring Well-being Parameters on the Housing Estate of Castle Vale (EPSRC funded)
  • Cultural Engagement Fund The embedding well-being Interventions at the National Memorial Arboretum (AHRC funded)

Conferences hosted

  • 10th EURAU (European Research on Architecture and Urbanism) Congress 2020: Multiple Identities-Reflections On The European Cities.
  • 14th AHRA (Architecture Humanities Research Association) Conference 2017: Architecture, Festival and the City
  • International Well-being conference 2016: Third International Conference - Co-creating Pathways to Well-being.
  • International Well-being conference 2013: Second International conference - Designs on Well-being
  • International Well-being conference 2011: International Exploring the Multi-dimensions of Well-being
  • International BIM (Building Information Modelling) Conference Birmingham 2017, 2018, 2019