New book lays foundations for zero carbon buildings


Dr Lubo Jankovic, Reader in Sustainable Design at Birmingham School of Architecture, has published a book entitled 'Designing Zero Carbon Buildings Using Dynamic Simulation Methods'. The book has been endorsed by Professor Brian Ford, Chair in Bioclimatic Architecture at the University of Nottingham, and by our own Ruth Reed, President of the RIBA 2009-2011.

Professor Ford said: "There are several books which treat the topic of low or zero carbon buildings but none of them link it to dynamic tools and I don't know of any book that covers this topic from the same prospective".

Ruth Reed added: "This is a book that students and practitioners cannot afford to ignore for the benefit of their clients, future generations and the planet".

Dr Jankovic said: "I hope that this book will help with culture change, from the perception that the climate change arising from carbon emissions is almost an impossible problem to solve, to the understanding that it is perfectly possible to design new or retrofit zero carbon buildings already today, using existing technologies". Further details can be found from the Routledge website.

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