Architecture graduate wins Vectorworks Design Scholarship Prize


BA (Hons) Architecture graduate Marina Georgieva is celebrating after being named in the first-round winners group for the global Vectorworks Design Scholarship Prize 2019. Marina will also be entered for the chance at the grand prize Richard Diehl Award, with the opportunity to win a further substantial cash prize.

BA (Hons) Architecture

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As part of the first-round prize, Marina received £2000 that could be used in any way she sees fit; tuition fees, housing, textbooks, study abroad, conference registration and other educational purposes. Additionally, all of the winners Schools will receive free Vectorworks Design software and complimentary training for faculty and students, which Birmingham School of Architecture and Design students already receive.

To apply for the prize, students had to submit their best individual or group project and answer three questions in 150 words or less. The panel of judges evaluated submissions based on design integrity, originality, the effective use of computer technology and communications of design visions."

Talking about it afterwards, Marina explained:

“The work I’ve submitted to enter the competition was actually my project from university from my final year. It was a life changing project I would say. I am very thankful to my tutor Alessandro Columbano because he helped me to develop every little part of my project even if I wasn’t sure about it. It was a tough project, very complicated and I had to work really hard to resolve it.”

“The design of this project has been inspired by nature and its influence on people and architecture” Marina says. “The language of architecture used in the proposal has taken to a count sustainability and natural design to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and environment for visitors.

“The landscape designed around the building have been used for flood barrier as well as for whole year outdoor comfort. The building itself is separated onto two parts where both pods have been inspired by a dissection of a leaf and its elements which then have been pushed and pulled to create a delicate structure of glulam natural material which respond to the context of the site as well as holding onto the drive of the concept - nature.”

“The glulam structure of the building have been supported by secondary structure to resist the load. The structure creates triangle shapes same as the structure of the leaf which has been filled with timber plates, glazing or patterns. The decorative patterns help the natural shading inside the building to stop overheating inside the building as well as creating the shadows effect of the sun poking into the interior. The building has been designed to be sustainable and efficient as well as welcoming atmosphere to help people experience a good journey whilst inside.”

“The whole three years at BCU have been amazing for me. I was glad that I have chosen this university and become part of the family. The highlight of my time in there I would say was the whole third year. I got nominated for Inspirational Student of the year, shortlisted for Student Rep of the year and Commended for the Green Book Award. I also learnt the most in my third year. I found who I am as a designer and what the principles of the way I speak architecture are.”

“I would advise everyone who is considering studying Architecture to get ready for a lot of challenges. Architecture is one of the hardest courses and you need to put maximum effort to achieve high quality design and to develop yourself. Architecture is not just about designing a building, it’s about designing a space for living, atmosphere inside the building, key design factors affecting the environment, healthy proposals and a lot more. In BCU you are provided with a lot of support and extra tutorials.“


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