Programme Director gives top five tips for new Landscape Architecture students


As the new academic year approaches with just a matter of weeks to go until thousands of students begin their journeys towards the cap and gown, Birmingham School of Architecture and Design prepares to welcome its next batch of future industry leaders, pioneers and researchers.

Although, for many new students, embarking on a whole new level of study may be a daunting prospect on the surface, Lucas Hughes, BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture Programme Director and Senior Tutor has provided his top five essential tips to prepare this year’s new Class of 2016/17.        

1. Practice drawing

Get the basics right, if you can envisage an idea and transfer this onto paper in a vivid way it will be so much easier to bring your concepts to life.

2. Experiment with Photoshop and CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Push the boundaries and be creative. The freedom of experimentation provided by digital packages will really help your design ideas flourish, so refine your skills and get to grips with all of the different tools.

3. Start reading around the subject

You are potentially committing your future career to this subject, so get ahead of the game. Start developing your knowledge around the subject early to ensure that you maintain the momentum of teaching from your lectures and seminars. Better knowledge equates to better designs.

4. Visit landscape project sites

See how the course at Birmingham School of Architecture and Design provides the most current skills and links with industry by actually seeing a range of live projects in practice.

5. Get some decent drawing equipment

Give yourself the best start by getting kitted out with all of the necessary drawing equipment for the course. Find outwhat is neededon the BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture course at Birmingham School of Architecture and Design.

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