RetrofitPlus project questionnaire

Following the retrofit of your home in 2016, we would like to find out how different it feels after retrofit, in comparison with what it was like before. This will enable Birmingham City University to understand the long-term impact of the research that enabled the Retrofit approach that was followed for your flat.

Using the questions, scales and boxes below, please tell us what you think about your home before and after the retrofit. Let us know about positive and negative aspects, so that we can learn from this project. Your replies will be treated in confidence and used for the impact case study for the Research Excellence Framework submission of this year (REF 2021).

Please mark the scales below according to how you felt in the house before and how you feel in it now and enter additional comments in the boxes provided.

Please do not hesitate to email via the address below if you have any enquiry.

Thank you very much in advance.

Dr. Shadi Basurra, on behalf of RetrofitPlus Project Team.

Birmingham City University


What is your perception of your heating energy use?
What is your perception of thermal comfort?
What is your perception of your internal air quality?
The performance of your house systems after retrofit
Beattie Passive would like to use the data to understand resident experience of living in the retrofitted properties to improve future projects and use relevant information for marketing material. Any quotes to be signed off by the resident. Do you consent to sharing your input in this survey with Beattie Passive?
By submitting this form I understand that the information will be used to support Birmingham City University's REF2021 submission.

What is REF?

The Research Excellence Framework 2021 (REF 2021) is used to assess the quality of UK research against international quality benchmarks. As you have engaged with the research we have produced at BCU you will be able to explain its benefits and impacts. The assessment results inform research quality league tables and international reputation of UK universities. The four UK higher education funding bodies use the REF results to distribute some £2 billion per year of public funding to universities.

Why do you need information from me?

Whilst researchers describe the underpinning research and the impact resulting from the application of their research, it is you the end-users of research and beneficiaries who provide the evidence of the impact and corroborate claims of the impact made.

What will the feedback be used for?

Independent evidence or corroboration of impact is essential to ensure that all universities are accountable for the use of public funding to deliver public benefit.

How long will you hold my data for?

We will hold all data submitted to BCU for seven years electronically or physically on our Birmingham city centre site.

Who will share my data with?

The evidence we collect is for the purpose of sharing with the REF 2021 assessment panel.