Landscape Architecture students investigate sustainability in Wales

Landscape Architecture CAT visit

Second year BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture students recently embarked on a trip to the Centre for Alternative Technologies (CAT) in Wales. Here they were trained in aspects of sustainable environmental and technological design, and informed about policies that could help create a zero carbon Britain.

CAT is an educational charity dedicated to researching and communicating positive solutions for environmental change. Founded in 1973 by a group of committed volunteers, including engineers, architects, builders and growers, CAT started as an off-grid community that acted as a test-bed for experimenting with alternative types of technology in response to the 1970's oil crisis and a growing concern about the environmental impact of fossil fuels.

The trip offered a first-hand and on-site opportunity to understand the importance of action on climate-change. The site features extensive habitats and ecosystems including woodlands, rivers, orchards, allotments and greenhouses which students explored with CAT’s specialist instructors and our academics. The workshops in sustainable water management and sensory experience of the natural environment will inform both the Designed Ecologies and Construction modules which students are exploring this semester.

BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture student Abigail Baines said afterwards:

Action to save the environment is required at all levels: individuals, communities, businesses and government. Students of landscape architecture are the future generation with the skillset, knowledge and understanding to enact this change.

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