Expert in zero carbon buildings awarded professorship


Leading academic in zero carbon buildings Lubo Jankovic has been recognised for his expertise by being conferred with the title of Professor of Zero Carbon Design by Birmingham City University. This is the first and currently the only professorial appointment with this title in the UK.

Professor Jankovic has worked as an academic, researcher and practitioner on instrumental monitoring, dynamic simulation and environmental design of buildings over a career spanning over 29 years. He joined Birmingham City University’s School of Architecture in 1989 and is a member of the University’s Centre for Low Carbon Research, which co-ordinates research across a range of disciplines, faculties and external partners.

His work includes the creation of a learning simulation model for buildings, a patent for an expandable and contractible building, research into nature’s zero carbon designs and research into zero carbon retrofit of buildings using a ground breaking Birmingham Zero Carbon House.

His research into Zero Carbon living resulted in the publication of his book, “Designing Zero Carbon Buildings Using Dynamic Simulation Methods” Part of his research was based on the work done to evaluate the Birmingham Zero Carbon House, a ground-breaking carbon-neutral building based on a 170-year-old redbrick Victorian house. His work showed how best to convert existing buildings into zero carbon homes of the future - and how home-owners could potentially achieve a “lucrative” return on investment.

On his appointment Prof Jankovic said: "I am extremely honoured, and delighted that the new title will add to the momentum that seems to be building in relation to my work. This will enable me to continue as an ambassador for the University, the Faculty and the School of Architecture, and to continue developing research that can help create a better world."

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