Architecture professor to chair HS2 design panel


Kathryn Moore, a professor at Birmingham City University’s School of Architecture, is set to chair a design panel review session to test the emerging HS2 landscape design guidelines.

The event is being held today at Arup’s offices in London between 1pm-4pm.  

Kathryn, a Professor of Landscape Architecture, said: "I am delighted to have been asked to chair the upcoming panel. It really does highlight the success of the regional HS2LV event held at the University supported by Birmingham City Council and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

"To achieve the kind of transformation proposed by HS2LV, strong leadership and a multi-disciplinary, cross-institutional approach is required.

"We need to think about the quality of life. Housing, the environment, education and cultural factors come into play in the context of attracting people from London and in terms of adaptability and resilience.

"The Birmingham region is leading the way."

Previous workshop

The invitation to chair the panel came about as a result of an "extremely successful and engaging workshop" that Kathryn led at the University’s Parkside building on 25 February addressing the HS2LV, which is a blueprint surrounding the future of integrating the stations, the lines and the landscape.

Kathryn said: “Twice as many people attended than originally anticipated. There was a tremendous buzz all day and enthusiasm for the more holistic and collaborative approach offered by HS2LV and a commitment at the end of the workshop to take it forward.

"There was a real appetite to get out of the day-to-day thinking and speculate on what sort of future we could have, thinking about decisions that could shape the region."

The event highlighted the importance of attracting people from London and stressed how vital it is to keep the momentum going.

Within the 42 people that attended the event there were various high-profile representatives from the central and local government, Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and the Independent Transport Commission.

Impact on the region

Kathryn led discussions on the impact HS2LV could have on the region, promoting community cohesion and socio-economic development while incorporating bio-diversity, ecology and sustainability using "geographic, engineering and cultural approaches to design for a better future".

She said: "We looked at providing new opportunities for employment, leisure and eco-tourism at local and national levels, encouraging wider investment, local entrepreneurship, the arts, regional produce, fishing and other outdoor activities, as well as the development of traditional and contemporary rural skills.

"It addresses food security, health and well-being, water shortage and flooding as well as sustainable energy generation."

Kathryn suggested that HS2 is "not simply about miles of track, money spent and time saved. It is a mighty social event. It will change lives, the landscape and the economy during its construction and long into the future."  

More information on HS2 can be found on the government HS2 website

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