Mat Jones

Mat Jones profileAssociate Professor and Director of Technical Studies in the School of Architecture and Design

Could you tell us about your experience and how this feeds into your course?

I’m an Associate Professor and Director of Technical Studies in the School of Architecture and Design. My background is in both practice and academia. I have worked at leading architecture practices in the UK as well as being involved with projects exploring the design of low carbon homes, off site manufacture, prefabrication and timber construction.

What is the philosophy of your course?

The BA (Hons) Design for Future Living course aims to develop new design thinking exploring how we live now and into the future. Delivered in collaboration with TV architect George Clarke’s Ministry of Building, Innovation and Education (MOBIE), the course places students at the forefront of the next generation of designers tacking the design and delivery of new homes. Through innovative and emergent thinking, new design methods and advanced technology and fabrication, students will critique, challenge and disrupt traditional thinking around the idea of ‘home’ and develop radical alternatives to how we live now.

If you had to name one thing about your course that makes it distinct, what would it be?

The focus on designing for the future of living makes this course unique and exciting. The course sets out to explore how changing patterns of living, new technologies, digital tools and creative design can transform how we think about where we live. Graduates will be at the forefront of designers considering these challenging issues.  

Why is Birmingham a good place to study?

Birmingham is a young and vibrant city that is city geared up for students and a fantastic place to study. The city is going through transformative change. With the proposed HS2 rail link, the Commonwealth Games and major redevelopments the city is changing rapidly, offering exciting opportunities for us to engage with the wider city and its future.

Why do you believe it’s important to study a degree and why might students want to study your course?

A degree is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a subject you enjoy and to challenge yourself. This course is a unique opportunity to grow into a creative graduate with the design knowledge, entrepreneurial skills and technical ‘making’ abilities to work across the house building industry, from design practice to development, policy making to new forms of manufacture for homes.

Where will the students be based in their time here and what will their learning environment be?

Students will be based in the School of Architecture and Design in the Parkside Building. With access to extensive workshops, digital labs and studios the building offers an inspiring and collaborative place to study alongside students from our other design courses. The course is for a large part studio-based, tackling design problems in a collaborative working environment.

What can students do to help prepare them for the course?

Read, draw and explore!

What’s your favourite element about working at Birmingham School of Architecture and Design?

The brilliant and collaborative group of students and staff I am lucky enough to work alongside. Every day is made different and exciting by their ideas and enthusiasm.

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