Nuno Lourinho

MA Product and Furniture Design

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MA Product and Furniture Design

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Could you tell us about what you do and how this feeds into your course?

Before embracing an academic career, I worked as an independent designer and I had a chance to showcase my work at the Milan and Barcelona design fairs. My research focus on product durability from a sustainable perspective and it informs both the MA course’s values and delivery.

What is the philosophy of your course? 

The MA Product and Furniture Design course is interested in challenging perceptions around ‘Alternative Living’ to see what else might be possible in a world already full of things. The course therefore confronts conceptual and real design philosophies, with the ultimate aim of fusing the best of both approaches somewhere in between.

If you had to name one thing about your course that makes it distinct, what would it be?

‘Conceptual Realism’ is our unique approach to the subject of product and furniture design.

Why is Birmingham a good place to study/work?

Birmingham has been the industrial manufacturing centre of the UK for many decades, an historical reference in terms of product design that has benefited from a close geographical distance to London. In more recent years, the second biggest city in the UK has acquired a vibrant and diverse student community.

Why do you believe it’s important to study an MA?

Acquiring further expertise and standing out as a designer is something that we encourage our students to pursue. This can only be achieved within the right work environment and by working closely with a variety of experts in different fields.

Where will the students be based in their time here and what will their learning environment be?

Students will be based at Parkside, BCU City Centre Campus. Here they will benefit from a range of design workshops, while at our studio we encourage a real life work experience though external collaboration.

What can students do to help prepare them for the course?

Keep looking at recent design practices and relevant product design research.

What’s the favourite element about working at Birmingham School of Architecture and Design?

Diverse and friendly people to work with.