City Centre Campus

Millennium Point

Our state-of-the-art resources include a gallery, noise and vibration cells, video production laboratory, a robotic laboratory, a huge isolation booth with sonic sound quality big enough to record drum kits, fantastic recording facilities, and a blue screen studio for chromakey work for film and music.

You’ll also find our £4 million purpose-built acting school, complete with 11 studios, including a large performance studio which has set a new benchmark for drama training facilities in the UK, and its own blackbox theatre. Each studio contains specialist acoustic panelling, sprung floors, a heating system that radiates heat equally around the studio and an air replacement system that maintains a constant room temperature. We also have a fully operational lighting rig and quadraphonic sound system.

The Parkside Building

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design
School of Fashion and Textiles
School of Visual Communication

Our art and design students work from a core of workshops in the centre of the five-floor building, with studio space around them. There is also ‘collision space’ where students and staff from different courses will see each other to pass the time of day, and exchange thoughts and ideas. The design of the atrium embodies this notion, with a central circulation stair encouraging students to move through a series of shared spaces before entering their department.

Birmingham School of Media and English

Studio A is the largest of any University studio in the UK. It could easily accommodate shows like ‘Deal or no Deal’, 'The One Show’ and ‘Newsnight’ to name but a few.

The Parkside Building houses cutting-edge facilities within the "Media Centre", with classroom teaching on the media courses delivered in Millennium Point. There are four TV studios within the Media Centre, along with Studio B/Milo (the ‘green screen’) and all of the studios are interconnected. It’s taken 22km of wire to make that happen! The Media Centre also has four fully broadcast-standard edit suites, based on the industry-standard Avid editing system, and full broadcast-standard dubbing suites based on a multi-layered ProTools desk.

The Curzon Building

The Curzon Building, which opened in September 2015, is home to our Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences.

Facilities housed in the new building include:

  • Curzon Library
  • ASK Student Enquiry Service
  • IT Services
  • Students’ Union at the Eagle and Ball pub
  • Curzon Shop
  • Curzon Print Centre
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee Pod


Our brand new £70 million building, STEAMhouse, provides space for students to learn alongside businesses in residency. Based at our expanding City Centre Campus, this state-of-the-art centre will enable our students to share their ideas with industry and work on real, industry-based projects, as well as provide access to outstanding facilities and equipment and opportunities to network with local businesses.