Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching



Access the course via Moodle


What is Moodle?

The virtual learning environment at BCU is based on Moodle. Every validated module must have at least one Moodle site.

What resources are there to help me understand Moodle?

I need help with a Moodle, who do I contact?

TELT can be contacted for training and support with Moodle.
If you have any technical problems with the systems we support, please make use of IT Help.

What activities does Moodle offer?

There are a range of built in activities available (e.g. discussion forums, glossaries, assignments, quizzes, workshops, choices etc.), and each can be customised.  

For a list of activities see Moodle activities.

For quiz requests please fill in the Moodle quiz template and email it to us.

What are Moodle resources?

Resources are items that can be brought in to Moodle for students to access (e.g. text documents, websites, audio files, videos etc.).

Moodle assessments

We usefully divide assessment into two kinds. The differentiation between the two kinds is related not to the way in which the assessment is carried out, but in the use to which the data that results is put.

  • Where assessment data is primarily used to support learning and help define further teaching we call that assessment for learning or formative assessment.
  • Where assessment data is primarily used to measure and report on what learning has taken place we call that assessment of learning or summative assessment.

What are the underlying pedagogical principles behind using Moodle?

Moodle courses are created using a mixture of activities and resources according to the needs of tutors and the students.

When thinking about the pedagogy of Moodle, we emphasise activities over resources. Engagement of students on activities, both individually and in groups, is central to the BCU principle that the learning theories of constructivism and social constructivism provide the best description of how students learn best.

Find out more about the pedagogical principles behind Moodle.