Contact details

Success+ has three full-time members of staff:

Jon Mason (Digital Assessment Designer) - Jon provides advice and guidance to academic colleagues in the creation of digital tests, is product owner for the assessment software and overseas the day-to-day running of the Centre. Jon has a background in supporting technology enhanced learning and teaching.

Ahmed Rahman (Assessment Centre Technician) - Ahmed is an experienced IT Support Technician. He will be available during assessments to ensure all equipment is working, and quickly resolve any issues that arise.

Shimaila Ayaz (Digital Assessment Coordinator) - Shimaila's role involves digitising exam papers, invigilation (on campus and remote), and liaising with members of staff and students. she is the main contact regarding the Steps-to-Success Discovery Tool and GCSE equivalency exams (WiseFLOW related questions only).

BCU staff are able to find out further information via our ICity pages.