Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures

Our complaints procedures outline how you should make a complaint to the University, and what you can expect from us in processing that complaint.

Concerns and complaints

Concerns and Complaints Procedure

Student Complaints Procedure 2019

Academic queries and appeals

Academic Appeals Procedure 2019

Academic Queries and Appeals Procedure 2017

Student disciplinary procedure

This procedure was updated in September 2020 following the introduction of the Academic Misconduct Procedure. The University introduced a new Academic Misconduct Procedure for the beginning of the 2020/21 academic year (effective from 21 September 2020) and it is designed to support students in developing academic integrity and in understanding where action they take might compromise that integrity. The Procedure sets out the process the University will follow and the penalties we may apply, in cases where we believe a student may have compromised their academic integrity by committing academic misconduct. Note that the Academic Misconduct Procedure was subject to minor amendment in December 2020 to revise the definition of plagiarism and add in clear procedural timescales. Academic misconduct was previously dealt with under the Student Disciplinary Procedure. The Student Disciplinary Procedure now only deals with “general misconduct” and no longer covers academic misconduct.

Student Disciplinary Procedure

Academic Misconduct Procedure

Extenuating circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances Procedure 2018-19

Extenuating Circumstances Procedure 2015

Fitness to practise

Fitness to Practise Procedure 2017

General principles

General Principles 2015

Guiding Principles 2019

Panel guidance

Panel Guidance 2017