Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures

Our complaints procedures outline how you should make a complaint to the University, and what you can expect from us in processing that complaint.

Concerns and complaints

Concerns and Complaints Procedure

Complaint Review Request Form

Formal complaint form

Academic queries andĀ appeals

Academic Queries and Appeals Procedure 2017

Academic Appeal Review Request form

Academic Appeal Form

Student disciplinary procedure

This procedure gives us the power to discipline our students, issue formal warnings and apply suitable penalties where there is a good reason to do so. In rare cases, your misconduct may be so serious that we can exclude you from the University and prevent you from applying for further study for up to five years.

Student Disciplinary Procedure

Extenuating circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances Procedure 2018-19

Extenuating Circumstances Procedure 2015

Extenuating Circumstance Claim Form

Fitness to practise

Fitness to Practise Procedure 2017

General principles

General Principles 2015

Panel guidance

Panel Guidance 2017