5 things you can do at uni to improve your active wellbeing

Being physically active isn't just good for your fitness and physical wellbeing, it also releases mood-boosting endorphins which help with your mental health as well. Here are a few of the things you can do at BCU to be more active. 

There are plenty of things you can get up to throughout our campuses to stay active and keep your mind and body happy. Read on for some of our top picks.

1. Join a sports team

Enjoy being social and active? There are plenty of sports teams to choose from here at BCU, with timetabled activities that happen on a weekly basis through BCU Sport, and even tournaments to participate in.

Getting involved in organised sport is a great way to promote positive mental health. It can reduce stress, improve mood and enhance wellbeing. Team sports can be particularly good as they're also social , but the most important thing is to find a sport or activity that you enjoy. If you're trying something new, you could ask a friend to join you. It can make it more enjoyable and help motivate you to continue.

2. Participate in virtual activities

If you’re too busy with studying that you can’t find the time to attend an in-person activity, or simply don’t feel like leaving the house, there are ways you can stay active from the comfort of your own home or garden. BCU Sport has a BCU Active Timetable, where you can sign up to a variety of virtual events, from yoga to high-intensity workouts. There’s something for everyone, no matter what level you’re at!

3. Enjoy the outdoor spaces

Being active doesn’t just mean going for a run or getting sweaty. Going for a walk, or even just being outside are great ways to get moving and keep your mind happy.

Here at BCU, we are lucky to have many beautiful campuses, with plenty of green spaces and places to take a walk. Our top pick is Eastside Park at our City Centre campus, a popular spot to sit down in the sun or take a stroll with friends after a long day of lectures. 

4. Join the gym

Going to the gym is another great option for those who don’t want to participate in a team sport or want to focus on more personal fitness goals. It’s a great way to have some quality time with yourself, listen to music, and sweat it out. Our Doug Ellis Sports Centre is home to a fully equipped gym, with over eighty pieces of equipment and various sports halls and courts for you to enjoy. As a student, you can enjoy a discounted rate on your gym membership, making it more accessible for all.

5. Attend sporting events

If you’d rather watch sports rather than participate, or you have a competitive streak, we host a range of events all year round across our campuses, including Varsity and competitive club competitions that you can participate in or watch.

BCU Sports teams play in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) leagues, and we also have a sports scholarship scheme for those students who are competing at an elite level within their sport. We’re also partnered with Warwickshire County Cricket Club, meaning you can get discounted tickets to watch a match. 

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