Sport in Birmingham

Leading football teams, a world-famous cricket stadium, and a historic golf course lead the way for sport. With the legacy of the Commonwealth Games, sport is in our blood. Want to find out more about Sports at BCU? Check out our sports pages to learn more about our facilities, events and specialists.

Sport map of Birmingham

Check out the many sports teams in Birmingham.

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Parks in and around Birmingham

Birmingham has hundreds of parks. Take advantage of them!

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Where to watch the Euros in Birmingham

The best places in Birmingham to watch the big match live.

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5 things you can do on campus to improve your active wellbeing

It is well documented that being physically active doesn’t only improve your physical health, but the endorphins releas...

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Alternative ways to stay active in Brum

Staying active doesn’t have mean spending an hour on the treadmill, check out our favourite places to try out some alte...

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