Should I Go to University or Get a Job?

If you've been asking yourself whether you should go to university or get a job straight out of college or sixth form, our five top tips will help you decide. 

Full-time salary vs continuing your studies

One of the main pull factors for starting work when you leave school or college is, of course, the money. Earning a regular salary offers you the chance to support yourself financially, and gives you the option of contributing to your family finances at home too.

If you’re wondering how you’d make your finances add up if you choose to go to uni, there is a range of student finance options available when you start that enable your course to be paid for and payments to support your living and day to day costs, such as food and rent. There is also a host of scholarships and bursaries that you may be eligible for depending on what and where you study. These are designed to provide further financial support during your time at uni and don’t have to be paid back! 

How a degree can affect your career

Do you need to go to university to get a good career? Well, no. However, in many industries and for many job roles, a degree is now becoming increasingly popular or essential, meaning you could find yourself unable to progress in your career without further qualifications.

Although a stint at uni might delay your introduction to the working world, your earning potential across the course of your life is likely to be higher in the long run. Did you know that graduates earn an average of £10,000 more per year, or £400,000 over a 40-year working life than someone without a degree (Graduate Labour Market Statistics 2021, Department for Education)? Not only that but having a degree can also fast-track your career by giving you the knowledge and experience needed to go straight into higher-level jobs when you graduate, meaning you’ll have the potential to earn more straight off the bat.

Have you had your fill of being in the classroom?

After spending what seems like all of your life sitting in a classroom - and with the freedom of the real world calling – you might be put off the idea of subjecting yourself to any more of that voluntarily. The reality of university learning is that it’s far more adult in its approach. At uni, you get to choose a subject you’re passionate about, your lecturers will treat you like an equal, and you’ll do far more self-directed study. These things combined mean that the three or more years spent at uni will be engaging, varied and exciting.

Earn and learn - part-time job opportunities

If you’re not sold on university alone, but fancy bringing in some money and getting a degree, consider a degree apprenticeship. Degree apprenticeships allow you to get hands-on work experience (and the salary that comes with it!) while studying for an undergraduate degree. Your time will be split between working for an employer, while also spending time at university attending lectures that relate to your job and the sector you’re working in... it’s the best of both worlds!

Still not sure uni if is for you?

Universities accept students from a range of backgrounds and offer a whole host of courses to cater to different learning styles. There are loads of hands-on courses that lead to vocational pathways, or courses with a strong academic focus that could lead to the dream career.

There’s a good chance that your perfect course exists out there somewhere, and it’s well worth doing your research to have a look at the possibilities that are open to you. Explore our range of over 150 undergraduate courses to see what we’ve got on offer.

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