How to decide to go to university

Sitting on the fence trying to figure out if you want to go to uni or not? It's a big decision and you might not know how to decide, so we've prepared some tips to help you decide if university is the right path for you.

1. Find out what you’re passionate about

University is a great way to follow your passion and is even a good place to find it. 

Think about the things that interest you. Pay close attention to the topics that you enjoy talking about, reading about or the things you like watching in your spare time. If you don’t know what your passion is, then is there an area of work that interests you? And will getting a qualification in this area help you get a job in the future?

2. Do your research to find out if university is the best way into that passion

If you already know what you want to do or have found what it is you’re passionate about, it’s time to hit Google. Would university help you achieve what you want to do in the future? Take a look at career websites and course pages on university websites and see what topics the course covers.

Think about what you’ll need to get into your future career. Some jobs might need you to know how to use equipment that’s hard to access on your own, like TV studios, game design suites, fully equipped labs and studios. Other careers might need accreditations from professional organisations that have to be earned through courses like university degrees.

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3. Find out what your social life will be like

A great social life shouldn’t be the only reason to go to university but it’s still a massive part of your life. Whether it’s discovering new things by joining societies or enjoying everything city life has to offer like music, culture and (most importantly) great food. Meeting lots of new people at uni can not only give you friends for life but also connections with people who’ll be working in your industry.

4. Think about the skills you will gain

You'll obviously gain key skills on the course to get into a future career, but that's not the only thing university is about. University will help you grow as a person and develop soft skills that will help you get along in the world.

Universities support you to make big changes in life and become an independent person, it's okay to want to go to university for the experience and to grow!

5. Make sure you go to an Open Day

The best way to find out if a uni is right for you is to attend an Open Day to see what the place is like. It'll give you the chance to find out more about the course or courses you're interested in, speak to staff and current students, and get a real feel for the campus, facilities and city you'd be spending the next few years in.

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