Integrated Master's degrees

An Integrated Master’s degree is a four year degree course which combines three years of undergraduate study with an additional fourth year at postgraduate level, in a single course.

What is an Integrated Master’s degree?

An Integrated Master’s degree combines undergraduate and postgraduate study. When you apply for an Integrated Master’s, you are essentially committing to undergraduate and postgraduate study at the same time. The Integrated Master’s degree is normally identical to the equivalent undergraduate course, but provides the opportunity to explore a subject in greater detail by offering a fourth year of study, enabling you to graduate with a more specialised qualification.

It typically lasts four to five years – depending on whether you undertake a sandwich year with a work placement. You will complete a full Honours degree, before continuing your course and studying for a fourth year in a related subject.

If you do not achieve the necessary standard of performance to continue onto the fourth year and complete the Integrated Masters, you can still graduate after three years with a Bachelor degree qualification.

Integrated Masters Degree - Engineering

Why study an integrated Masters degree?

If you wish to gain a specialist understanding of your subject for the purposes of pursuing an advanced technical or research-related career in your field, either in industry or academia, then the Integrated Master's degree is for you.

Another great benefit of applying for an Integrated Masters is that you’re Maintenance Loan and Tuition Fee Loan will extend to cover both the undergraduate and postgraduate part of your course.  Applying for post graduate study after your undergraduate degree means you won’t receive the same level of financial support.

What courses are available?

Integrated Masters Degree - Digital Tech

How do I fund an integrated Master’s?

You fund an Integrated Master’s in exactly the same way as you fund your undergraduate course – through the government’s student loans and maintenance grants.

The only difference is that you will need your finance arrangements for fees and maintenance to cover an additional full year of study. For full details of the financial support available to students on both our Bachelor and Integrated Master’s programmes see our financial support pages.