Which university is right for me?

There's over 100 universities in the UK but you can only go to one. How do you choose which one is perfect for you? It’s a huge decision, so it’s helpful to get advice from someone who’s been there. Here’s media student Tia's top four tips for what to consider when choosing a uni.

1) What facilities does the uni have?

This is the fun bit! What equipment do you get to play with when you get to university? You’ll find most uni's have the standard IT facilities and study areas so try and focus on the facilities that are specific to your course. Look for the phrase ‘industry standard’ where possible – this means that the facilities at the university are the same as those you’ll be using in the workplace once you graduate. Tia’s a media student so BCU’s industry standard TV studios and recording suites were important to her, but look for the things you’ll be using on your future course.

2) Experienced lecturers

Probably one of the most important aspects of choosing a university is the knowledge your lecturers have. The more experienced lecturers are, the more they can guide you on careers, employability and opportunities within your sector. Our academics often retain their links with industry, meaning they can bring extra opportunities to the course and comment on current events within the subject area.

3) Travel and location

Even if you’re not thinking about it now, easy travel and a central location is something you’re really going to appreciate over your three years of study. Make sure your chosen city has plenty of ways to get around, like buses, trams and trains, so you can always get to uni easily regardless of whether you’re living in accommodation or not. You don’t want to be trying to make that assignment deadline but spending most of your time on the bus.

A city centre location is also handy because there’s naturally a lot of transport links and you’re never too far away from bars, cafés or events.

The expert opinion: Research what support you'll recieve

4) Social life

When you’re researching all the important details about a uni and the courses on offer, it’s easy to forget about what kind of social life is available. The best way to see if the city is the best fit for you is to go and visit, but there’s lots of different ways to see what’s going on, like What’s On websites, city culture sites (like Independent Birmingham) or our very own BCU Vloggers who will show you their highlights. Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe and the city centre location of the campus means that you’re in the middle of everything.

That’s Tia’s top four tips for choosing a university. Remember, the best way to make your mind up is to visit, so get your uni shortlist together and hit those open days.

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