Research themes

Across our research strands, the Lifespan and Behavioural Sciences Research Centre works with local partners and stakeholders in a variety of ways, to ensure that our research has real-world applications and the potential to elicit lasting change.

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Cognitive Processing 

The cognitive processing theme encompasses research, which looks at the activity in the brain that occurs during processing in both neurologically typical and atypical situations.

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Inequalities in Health, Sex and SES

Inequalities in Health, Sex and SES

The Inequalities in health, sex and SES theme encompasses research, which looks at how the ongoing inequalities in these issues continue to impact upon the lives and wellbeing of some individuals more than others. 
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Social Cognition

The Social Cognition theme is focused on examining the cognitive processes, which go into social decision-making. The researchers in this theme have an interest in a wide variety of issues to do with how people understand social issues. 
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Higher education teaching

Higher Education Teaching 

The higher education teaching theme encompasses research projects, which examine specific aspects of teaching practice, such as how best to deliver teaching content in statistics, to projects looking more generally at student satisfaction and attainment. 
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Developmental Psychology

The developmental theme investigates the developmental progression of children. This includes the development of children’s abilities in reading and writing, spoken language, causal reasoning, moral, emotional and imitation. 
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Language and literacy

Language and Literacy

The research conducted in this theme investigates adult language and literacy ability. This is from both a behavioural and cognitive standpoint. 
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Mindfulness in Health and Eating Lab

The Applied Mindfulness in Health and Eating Lab is interested in a range of concepts and ideas, with a central aim of improving health through practical and inclusive applications. It consists of members across the Lifespan and Behavioural Science and Health and Wellbeing research centres.

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