Cognitive Processing

The cognitive processing theme encompasses research, which looks at the activity in the brain that occurs during processing in both neurologically typical and atypical situations. The researchers in this area have published on a wide variety of cognitive mechanisms ranging from decision making to executive functioning.  This research has links to the real world such as looking at why people make risky decisions and the underlying processing that occurs in the actions and behaviours individuals carry out.

Cognitive processing image

Areas of activity

  • Investigating the development of high order functional networks
  • Decision making
  • The effect of music on cognitive processing
  • Executive function
  • Perception
  • Cognitive ageing
  • Computational modelling
  • Mnemonic cues in memory

Staff working in this group


  • Bridger, E., Mavritsaki, E., Aldrovandi, S., 2017-19 – Leverhulme grant. “Attention during risky decision-making: Insights from eye movements and neural modelling”. 
  • Fereday, R., & Mavritsaki, E. - SDG grant “Background music and visual search
  • Bedwell, S., & Harrison, N. – SDG grant “Is the relationship between childhood aggression and executive function mediated by violent media exposure?”