Social Cognition

The Social Cognition theme is focused on examining the cognitive processes, which go into social decision-making. The researchers in this theme have an interest in a wide variety of issues to do with how people understand social issues. For example, they have carried out work exploring issues around social media addiction, the effects of gamification on decision-making, attitudes towards sex workers and implicit and explicit attitudes towards others. This work helps us to understand the social pressures people face and some of the cognitive, which drive our social lives.

Social Cognition Research theme

Areas of activity

  • The impact of excessive social media use
  • Responses to alcohol warning messages
  • The impact of Social media
  • The effect of violent video games
  • Technologies impact on social lives
  • Social factors in motivation and attitudes

Staff working in this group


Brown, K.G., Kuss, D., & Wood, J. “The effect of experimentally-induced social network abstinence on symptoms of withdrawal”