Research themes

Across our research subgroups, the IHealth and Wellbeing research group aims to deliver real world impact on a variety of sectors affecting physical and mental health.

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The research focuses on the application of mindfulness techniques to health-related behaviours, particularly those associated with the development of obesity.
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Workplace and occupational health

Examining the effect of workplaces, as well as working on health and wellbeing. We also investigate employer support for mental health.
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Lifestyle, health and behaviour change

This broad area of research focuses on a range of factors associated with health and wellbeing, creating research with practical impact.
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Female student receiving mental health guidance

Mental health

Interventions for young people who self-harm, treatment for people with suicidal behaviours and guidance for mental wellbeing. 
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Cognition and neuropsychology 

Research on health messages and cognition, behaviourial and computational modelling, and attention and emotion.
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Appetite and ingestive behaviour

This research theme assesses interventions in obesity, alcohol advertising, childhood eating behaviours and nutrition policy.
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Mindfulness in Health and Eating Lab

The Applied Mindfulness in Health and Eating Lab is interested in a range of concepts and ideas, with a central aim of improving health through practical and inclusive applications. It consists of members across the Lifespan and Behavioural Science and Health and Wellbeing research centres.

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