Migration, Displacement and Global Identities

The staff in this cluster are interested in the changing nature and experience of societies, under conditions of globalisation.  In a global world, the local is also impacted by global processes, whilst physical movement, change, reconfiguration of global place, space and identities is a common hallmark of global life. The wide scope of this cluster includes issues around those who elect to move and migrate for a better life, for work and so forth but also those who are displaced by such issues as circumstance, war and violence.

Holding the globe in their hands

Areas of activity

  • Identities and Experience of Migrant, Refugee and Displaced Groups, including work on Central and Eastern European migrants and Zimbabwean migrants in the UK
  • Refugee Studies, examining the needs and experiences of refugees and how policy and practice can support these vulnerable groups
  • Psycho-social care, support and provision for vulnerable displaced groups
  • Global issues and transnationalism in context, impacts on the local, regional and national
  • Historical aspects of global diverse histories and migrations
  • Contemporary Identity and politics formation under conditions of globalisation and post-colonialism
  • Racism, racial and ethnic abuse and processes of exclusion.

Group members