Our Facilities

Psychology Labs 682x300 - Woman fitting a man with an EEG scanner

Psychology Labs

Our Psychology department has a wide range of psychology testing labs to suit all needs.

We have our BPS computer lab, which consists of more than thirty networked computers with Psychology-specific software such as SPSS, NVivo and others such as Opensesame. This lab also has general work space with access to not only Psychology-specific but also British Psychological Society-specific resources.

Our other research labs vary in size and testing. We have three mini-labs, designed for no more than three people with access to a networked PC (also loaded with software such as Matlab, Opensesame, EPrime, FaceGen, SPSS and NVivo etc.) and two more labs designed for larger groups, fitted with CCTV for experiments that require audio and visual recording.

Our final lab is equipped for eye tracking and EEG experiments. We have a total of three eye trackers, an EEG scanner, a new TDCS device, a BioPac, VR set up and Xbox, amongst other pieces of equipment. The labs are great for controlling environmental variables, and have all contributed to some of the great research projects our students conduct yearly.