Academics, scientists and artists from around the world have collaborated with the Centre for Fine Art Research (CFAR), Research Centre for Creative Making (S.T.U.F.F.), at the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media to publish peer-reviewed journals which explore the theoretical, philosophical, creative and political avenues of fine art.

The submissions explore ideas of sexuality, nature, the sciences and feminism. The mantra behind Zetesis is ‘research generated by curiosity’ which is done by allowing for experimentation and risks in their research. ‘Twice Upon A Time: Magic, Alchemy and the Transubstantiation of the Senses’ is the name of the latest, third volume of Zetesis. This volume explores alchemy and its place in modern society, magic, illusions, alternative concepts of time and artificial intelligence.


Through the compilation of this journal, researchers aim to:

  • Break down the boundaries between: representation vs thought; sensation vs logic; and image vs text
  • Explore the outlined topics with a focus on curiosity and scientific questioning
  • Provide a deeper meaning for scientific art
  • Gain a worldwide perspective from researchers, artists, scientists and philosophers to widen their breadth of knowledge
  • Hold exhibitions and conferences in relation to the journal

In the journal

This journal resulted in a wide variety of exciting submissions, art exhibitions and conferences. One of the most notable exhibitions was a slide projection on ‘Escamotage - Sleight of hand, Trickery, Conjuring, Vanishing’ which derived from a magical vanishing trick, where a woman would vanish under a Persian rug and Victorian photos of women hidden under rugs to hold their children still. This study investigated the way that the Persian rug is a symbol for concealing and exposing the female form.

Rachel Colley’s ‘Spurious Luxus’ challenged the way that jewellery has been used over time as a marker of social standing and power by re-imagining them as perishable materials e.g. jelly. This is done satirically to pay attention to how ‘normal’ jewellery will too wear with the passage of time.  Additionally artist, Russel Nachman created a series of paintings named ‘Palimpsest’ which depicts ‘Black Metal’ characters in contrasting scenes of purity and disillusionment, who are presented as modern clowns.

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