University accommodation overview

If your child has applied for a place at BCU, they have a few options for accommodation: staying at home and commuting, staying in private housing, or university accommodation (also known as 'halls').

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BCU has seven halls of residence, offering a range of on-campus and inner-city living, with various facilities and features including three-quarter beds, en suites and even gyms - meaning we have something for everyone.

There are pros and cons to all accommodation options, but staying in BCU’s university accommodation means your child will be safe, close to campus, able to make friends with flatmates, and get a taste for independent living.

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Parent and guardians' guide to university

Download our free guide for parents and guardians, packed full of info on when to start thinking about university, how to choose a course and university, and invaluable explanations on student finance, accommodation, and what you can do to help your child make the right choices!