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Our leading experts are available to provide expert commentary on topical issues relating to the economic, societal and health impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. To speak to any of our experts please contact

Professor Imran Awan

Professor Awan is a leading expert on Islamophobia and countering extremism. He works with communities and politicians, and has researched the impact of coronavirus on hate speech and fake news. View profile >>

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Coronavirus: ‘Dangerous’ conspiracy theories could spark wave of Islamophobic attacks when lockdown lifts, report warns

Professor Craig Jackson Craig Jackson

Professor Jackson is interested in the effect of workplaces and working on people’s health and psychological wellbeing. His areas of expertise include people's behaviour during the COVID-19 crisis, unusual occupations, work-related suicide, technology change, working hours and stress.
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Coronavirus handwashing advice `could lead to increased OCD behaviour´
How people on furlough can look after their mental health
Dr Steve McCabe

Dr Steve McCabe

Dr McCabe's research, writing and presenting spans a number of academic areas including regional and national economics, retail, business, and politics. A regular media commentator, he has commented on the economic, political and business implications of coronavirus. 
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Global stocks resume slide as coronavirus spreads
Massive UK recession is 'certain'

Liz Yardley

Professor Yardley is passionate about making a difference to the lives of those affected by violence and challenging the myths and stereotypes around crime. Her areas of expertise include domestic abuse and the impact of the lockdown, homicide and technology in violence.
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'There are many factors affecting crime rates, including things like population stability, population composition, poverty, deprivation.'
Criminologist trades prison for pizza to support army of new home cooks

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