When is A Level results day 2019?

A Level results will be released on Thursday 15 August 2019. Ahead of the big day, we've answered your questions and given you an overview of what to expect.

What time are A Level results released?

You will be able to collect your A Level results from schools and colleges, usually from 8am onwards on A Level Results Day on Thursday 15 August. It's worth checking with your school or college for their exact opening and closing times.

Wondering what time UCAS Track updates on Results Day? UCAS receives your A Level results directly and updates Track automatically - this will happen at around 8am, so don't panic if you don't see anything on Track before then! When you log onto UCAS Track, you’ll be able to find out whether your firm choice has confirmed your place. Don’t forget that there will thousands of other students doing the same thing, so don’t panic if the site is slow.

Remember that while Track will tell you whether your first choice of university has accepted you, it won’t give you details of your actual grades. There’s a chance you have been accepted by your firm choice without having achieved the exact grades that were in your offer.

How to get your A Level results

The main way that you can get your A Level Results is by going in to your school or college. It's also possible for your results to be posted out to you, but you will need to arrange this with your school or college in advance.

Can I get A Level results online?

It's not normally possible to get your A Level Results online, you'll need to go in to your school or college to collect them. However you can log on to your UCAS Track to find out whether your conditional university offer has been accepted.

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What will UCAS Track show on A Level Results Day?

You could see one of the following changes on your Track page on A Level Results Day:

  • Unconditional - your place on your chosen course is confirmed. This can apply to your firm or insurance offer.
  • Unsuccessful - you've not been accepted by your choice(s). You are now eligible to enter the Clearing process.
  • UCC (Unconditional Changed Course) - you don't have the required grades for your offer, but the university has offered a similar course to you requiring lower grades.

Your A Level results will not appear in UCAS Track.

What happens on A Level Results Day?

A Level Results Day can be an emotional day. For most people, it will be the last day that you go back into your school or college with your classmates. You'll collect an envelope containing your A Level results. Some people will be relieved, overjoyed and excited for their new futures at university.

Others might feel disappointed and uncertain of their next steps. If you don't get the results that you needed for your first choice university, you may want to have a look to see which courses are available in Clearing. You might then need to get in touch with a university that offers the course you are looking to study to see if they can offer you a place.

Do I need to take anything when I collect my A Level Results?

If you need to go to school or college to get confirmation of your results, you might need to take a few things with you to make sure you’re prepared in case you need to get in touch with any universities about Clearing straight away.

  • Mobile phone (make sure it’s charged!)
  • Pen and paper
  • UCAS/uni email with the exact wording of your conditional offers for both your firm and insurance choices so you can avoid any confusion
  • Your personal statement and GCSE results
  • Your total UCAS points
  • Contact details for your firm and insurance universities
  • Tissues – whatever your results, it’s going to be an emotional day
  • Parents (optional)

What to do I do if I'm on holiday on A Level Results Day

If you can't be there in person to collect your A Level results but are able to access the internet you can still log on to UCAS Track to find out what your chosen universities have decided. If you do need to look for a university place in Clearing, some institutions like Birmingham City University can make you an offer on social media so you don't even need to call. However, you will need to have your grades to hand.

Speak to your school or college to see if it's possible to nominate a friend or family member who can collect your results on your behalf. You may wish to nominate the same person to access Track in your absence and make changes on your behalf. Remember that some changes are time-sensitive so your nominee may have a deadline to be able to discuss your application with UCAS or universities.

What do I do if I don't get the grades I need for university?

Don't panic. It may seem overwhelming, but there are a number of options open to you.

If you have missed your grades by a few marks it is worth talking with your first choice university. They don't have an obligation to change their decision, but there's a chance they'll listen if you plan to appeal any of your grades. Equally you may be offered a place on an alternative course.

Another option is to accept the decision and look for an alternative course in Clearing instead. You may find the same course or similar at another university or you may decide to change your course completely.

BTEC results

Wondering when BTEC Results Day is? Well, there's no set day, and it really depends on your subject and level. As you'll be well aware, the majority of your BTECs will be coursework-based, so you'll probably already have a good idea through the year of how you're doing as a lot of your work is marked internally. As your results will be trickling in through the school year, you could always ask to meet with your teacher to get a better understanding of what grades you are on track for. 

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