Green Room Retail Ltd

Green Room Retail Ltd

Green Room Retail Ltd began their relationship with Birmingham City University in 2012 when the first collaborative project was run with Mike Roberts, Creative Director at Green Room Retail (and former industrial product design student of The Birmingham Institute of Art & Design), and final year students on the BA (Hons) Design Studies course.

Following on from the first year’s success, Phil Rowberry, Senior Designer, created a new project with the team at Green Room Retail to create a truly engaging brief for the 2nd year BA students which explored designing for retail space.

The project briefing introduced the unique concept of ‘stick and twist’. This concept is centred on providing as much of an authentic representation of client based work as possible – removing the ability for students to choose the specific sector or brand which they would normally feel more comfortable with.

All of the students received a brief outlining their task: to design an interior space or product for one of four chosen clients, within one of four chosen sectors. The students’ combinations of client (Nike / Sense / Red Bull / Mercedes-Benz) and sector (home / outdoor / technology / wearable, or for the Interior Design group, Retail / Experiential / Leisure & Hospitality / Workplace) were chosen at random with the opportunity to either ‘stick’ (settle for the combination as randomly selected) or ‘twist’ (choose another client or sector at random).

Green Room Retail kindly hosted a briefing session at their studios for the Product Design and Interior Design students. Following an interim presentation session in January whereby students pitched their initial ideas and concepts, three students from each pathway were shortlisted and selected to present their pitch to the Green Room Retail team as if they were the client for the allocated brand.

After a flurry of fast-paced, professional and engaging presentations, the Green Room Retail panel of judges offered valuable feedback to the students. This type of opportunity provides a unique and beneficial commercial experience.

"We were really impressed with Minh and Danielle and look forward to welcoming them into the Green Room studio soon. Green Room are excited to be able to collaborate with some great young creative talent and continue to be very impressed with the innovation and quality of the responses to the briefs we set."


Following much deliberation, Green Room Retail announced a winner from each pathway: Minh Dao (Interior Design) and Danielle Hirsch (Product Design).

Minh impressed the panel with her unorthodox approach to the project, complemented by a relevant idea, strong brand awareness and a clearly considered consumer journey. Danielle's idea also stood out, the panel felt her sensory watch was the perfect amalgam of stylish accessory and disability aid technology.

The two winners have each earned themselves the opportunity to undertake an internship at Green Room Retail over summer 2014.


  • Product innovation – a wide selection of unique ideas for potential development
  • Access to up and coming designers with an ability to provide fresh perspectives and review new ideas
  • Promotion and PR for the company
  • Supports the company’s wider strategic aims to encourage new design practice
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