Parents and supporters

How does the application process work?

Applying to UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is a long process. Worse still, the process needs to be completed while your child undergoes all the stresses of sixth form exams!

You can help by noting all the key deadlines in your diary and by encouraging your son or daughter to start researching universities and courses early. Try to be around when the exam results come out, if you can. Perhaps you could offer to proof read your son or daughter's Personal Statement too.

For more details about writing personal statements, using ‘Track’ and a list of FAQs, please visit the UCAS website.

Important dates

Mid-September UCAS opens for the following year's applications - students choose up to five universities
October Most schools and colleges advise students to have completed their applications by autumn half-term
1 October Deadline for CUKAS applications (Birmingham Conservatoire students)
15 January Deadline for all UCAS application forms
January Visit days and interviews
Late February to early July UCAS Extra opens
31 March Deadline for Universities to respond to applicants
April Replies due back from applicants with decisions on which offers are to be accepted (one firm and one insurance choice)
April If Birmingham City University is your firm choice, you can apply for acccommodation
May to June Exam time!
Mid-June Birmingham City University Open Day
July/August Non A-Level exam results released
August A-Level results released
Mid-August Clearing Open Day
September Freshers' week!