Clearing - parents and guardians

Is your child thinking about their options with results day coming up? Find out more about Clearing: how it works, why it could help your child, and what BCU offers.

Parents' guide to Clearing and A Level results day

We realise results day can be just as stressful for parents as it is for students. Knowing the effort that your child put into their studies (good or bad) can lead to an uneasy nights’ sleep for everyone in the household the night before results day.

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Why Clearing is a good option for your child

If your child is picking up their results soon, you probably want to know all the options for them in case things don't...

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Clearing: the practical next steps

Wondering what the next steps are after your child has accepted their Clearing offer? We cover it all.

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Parent and advisor FAQs

We know applying for university can be confusing, so we've answered our most frequently asked questions from parents re...

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Preparing your child for a Clearing call in three easy steps

Is your child feeling unprepared for the Clearing call? Are they unsure of what to expect? Here are three easy steps t...

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