Sofina Begum

Sofina Begum ProfileI enjoy bringing the smallest ideas to life.

I am interested in branding, advertising and editorial. The great thing about graphic design is that the simplest idea can communicate and inspire the audience on a whole new level. Living and breathing graphic design is what I do.

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Soup RebrandSoup Rebrand

I rebranded the soup company called ‘I am Souper’, I used a curly typeface because I wanted the brand to look cosy and warm. This sort of font reminds me of steam and food. I used simple black silhouette illustrations of the animals so it flowed through in each packaging and made it look like it is from the same family.

Selfridges Lifestyle AppSelfridges Lifestyle App

This was a collaboration project with another graphic student as well as a fashion and business student. For this brief we had to create a Selfridges lifestyle app. We had to take the key elements from the selfridges website and elaborate on certain sections of each department, making it easy to navigate.

DREi LookbookDREi Lookbook

This is the cover to the lookbook, I designed for three photographers. I merged all three of their images to create this as the cover. This is one of my favourite speads from the lookbook. It’s simple and clean with a bit of edge as I overlaid glitch and texture over some sections of the images.

Inqbator Brand GuidelinesInqbator Brand Guidelines

This was a collaborative brief to create the band and brand guidelines for an upcoming design agency.

Rebecca Street Brand GuidelinesRebecca Street Brand Guidelines

Rebecca Street is a bridal dress company. For this brief I revamped the logo and created brand guidelines to emphasise the different colour variations and sizing.

The Jam - Art SchoolThe Jam - Art School

This is the album cover I created for secret 7, I went for the pop art, art school theme because I wanted it to look bold and busy. As the song is loud I thought the busy layout would reflect the song.