Mikyla Edwards

Mikyla Edwards profile picture I am a highly motivated creative graduate seeking an entry level Graphic Design position.

During my degree I have completed a variety of projects including leaflet and poster design for the NHS, branding, some experience in web design, created a radio advert, and idea generation. I have learnt to stay organised, self-motivated and communicate ideas effectively.

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This HistorianThis Historian

This project was to create a book of our choice into a film premiere. The Historian is based on Dracula and the symbol of the dragon is mentioned within the book.

The Historian TypefaceThe Historian Typeface

I wanted to create a typeface for the Historian project to be unique and powerful yet very formal.

Muscle AnatomyMuscle Anatomy

The purpose of this project was to show how to workout correctly when lifting weights to avoid injury. These are a series of photographs showing a Hammer Curl exercise and I illustrated over the top of them to show which muscles are activated during the movement.


I have created a series of illustrations of animals as I have a passion for wildlife.

Motivation PosterMotivation Poster

I was given a brief to make a Bill Bernbach quote come to life. This quote to me is about moulding your own future and not listening to everyone's opinions all the time and make our own decisions. I created this poster from Playdoh where I moulded each letter to form the final design.

WWF Campaign 1WWF Campaign

This was for a WWF campaign to get young people more involved in helping the community. My idea was to get young people to create their own magazine and hold events to raise money for charity. Young people would be able to learn new skills and helping them kick start their career.

WWF Campaign 2WWF Campaign

Inside the magazine are some ideas of events the community could hold. One idea was a Festival all themed around animals to help raise awareness, and holding events that young people would enjoy.

Personal BrandingPersonal Branding