Melita Berg

Melita Berg Profile Aspiring Designer / Art Director.

Passionate about bringing meaningful designs to life and learning to master the use of colour and geometry in design. 

Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development

Developing my knowledge for free-hand lettering, geometry and the use of colour for competition briefs, commissions and personal development. Every day I will have a theme or an idea in my head and I will do my best to get it out. Riso and screen printing, calligraphy, free-hand lettering, vinyl sticking, photography, illustration, mural painting and everything inbetween is what I like to involve in my designs.




Client: Birmingham City University (ADM)

Deliverables: Wayfinding system, posters, name slots.

Idea: My inspiration came from the university's minimalist architecture and I wanted to capture the lines from the architecture to create a flow in the vast space. I wanted to lead the staff and the students as well as create a sense of a positive movement and I achieved this by combining type with the lines. The design was constructed as a puzzle to avoid waste and leave room for experimentation.

Process: As the project manager and the designer of the project, I worked with the university's Executive Team to ensure my designs were following the guidelines. I lead a team of designers, illustrators and 3D designers to sketch out the possible ideas. The final designs were installed all in one day together with a team of contractors who specialized in vinyl installations.



Client: Flatpack Film Festival

Deliverables: Installation for Flatpack's 10th year, created by using cardboard boxes. Idea: I created an interactive typographical installation based on the venues and the events they were hosting. 10 main boxes spelled out FLATPACK and every side of the box included a different visual which allowed for the installation to change depending on the speaker or the event.

Process: Final designs were created with acrylic paint, Posca pens and vinyl, as these materials handled well. The project involved collaborating with artists and my room transforming into a cardboard factory for 2 weeks. The boxes were displayed at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery where they were used as a stand as well as a way for children to learn to spell out Flatpack.

Branding 01

Branding 02Branding

Client: Graduate+ (BCU)

Deliverables: Branding and visuals for Graduate+ programme and for the summer camp inspired festival they host. 

Idea: Both of the visuals had to respond to each-other to create a united and joint front. As well as using the same colour palette, I focused on the 'plus' element which would be the common element between the two related brands. Plus would stand for improving your skills and positivity. Graduate+ had more of a corporate angle with the focus on adding to the students skillset. Fes+ was about enticing the youth in a fun and humorous way therefore the illustrations were bright and included things like pot noodles, wellies, sausages and stoves.

Process: I went through the university's guidelines, festival branding and Birmingham based student event's branding. Graduate+ was created all digitally where as Fes+ consisted of hand-drawn illustrations for the earthy look and texture.