Lucy Clayton

Branding. Packaging. Illustrating. Huge interest in social media and the psychology of shopping. 2015 B-Hive winner in the advertising category. Major cinefile, hoarder of pretty packaging and lover of travel.

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This was my response to the D&AD Design Bridge brief to create a genderless cosmetics range. I decided to create a range that was numbered instead of named to as not to create a barrier for less experienced users and to make it feel less like make-up and more like just a skin care routine.

Loafing 1

Loafing 2

Loafing 3Loafing

The brief was to rebrand a Hertfordshire based artisan bakery. It had to appeal to a relatively wide audience and I wanted it to be simple and relatively traditional but still stand out amongst the competition.

Feel Good DrinksFeel Good Drinks

I rebranded the packaging for Feel Good Drinks to help it appeal more to their chosen target audience which was 18-35 year old women. I wanted to create a packaging solution that would be more appealing and make people want to be proud of drinking Feel Good Drinks.

Transport For LondonTransport For London

These were some posters designed to inform both commuters and tourists alike about travel etiquette and travel tips.