Kate Brammer

Kate Brammer Profile I'm a visual communicator specialising in brand design, with 2 years industry experience gained through internships that have both lead to paid roles. I studied in the Netherlands for a year which enabled me to gain new skills and perspective to design.

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Gomez-Gracia Website DesignGomez-Gracia Website Design.

I have been working with luxury fashion brand Gomez-Gracia for 12 months now. I started as an intern which eventually developed into a paid role when my Patricia recognised my commitment and skill level which obviously developed throughout the time period. Recently I was tasked with re designing the brands website. I worked in collaboration with the developers in India, I had to accurately communicate the specifications and particular functions that were to be included in the final product, such as the 360 zoom page and the drop down menu which converts GPB to USD. I had to allow the brand identity to be recognisable within the design and therefore relatable to the brand. The design is slick and modern.

Rebecca Street Brand Identity and GuidelinesRebecca Street Brand Identity and Guidelines.

During my time at Gomez-Gracia, I also had the pleasure of expanding my networking circle and met fashion designer Rebecca Street who has worked with fashion great Alexander McQueen. She at the time owned a luxury bridal suite and recently launched an affordable sister line. With now having two brands with different tones she needed to make sure she set the positioning of each brand correctly. I was tasked with re branding the luxury bridal line, I collaborated on this project with Sofina Begum and we both decided to give our own takes on what her luxury line should look like. Rebecca being a very spiritual lady, I wanted to make sure that this value was consistently expressed through the brand. I created a fresh brand identity, and guidelines so that the identity can effectively be executed across all platforms.

Kate Brammer Brand IdentityKate Brammer Brand Identity.

Probably one of my favourite projects from this term was setting my own identity ready for my transition from education to industry, albeit one of most challenging also. Given I specialise in brand design you'd expect this to be a simple task, but I find branding yourself a lot harder than branding for an outside body. The concluded final execution for all of my outcomes within this project, I absolutely adore. I managed to design an identity that boldly communicates my work ethic and style, and even manages to demonstrate a little bit of my personality. By using current trends, of bold beautiful prints, this communicates that my work is current, the interchangeable images show that I'm adaptable, and the beautifully executed imagery shows that that is the standard of my work and it's execution.