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Deja Martin profile picture Hello, I'm a graphic designer based in Warwickshire.

I work with digital media and traditional print in areas that I enjoy: branding, logo design, interactive, print and illustration I also love dressmaking, textiles and photography.

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Learning Books-Concept and Design 01

Learning Books-Concept and Design 02

Learning Books-Concept and Design 03Learning Books-Concept and Design

CONCEPT-The concept of the App 'Learning Books' is to provide an educational fun programme for kids to be encouraged to learn and take part in creative subjects such as; cooking, sewing, craft, art and design. Targeting KS1 and above; fun activities, tutorials and other essentials such as a recipe generator would be included for child, adult and parent.

DESIGN-Digital illustration, UX and UI design is based around the targeted young audience. The process of development involved creating characters that would appeal to the younger eye, characters themed around cooking and sewing.


EDITORIAL GUIDE BOOKEditorial Guide and Editorial Guide Book 

After going to New York myself and searching endlessly for guide books, I decided to try and create something new to all the traditional thick paged guide books currently available. The objective of this project is to create a guide book for a younger audience 20-25 perhaps younger. An ideal user of the guide and App would be a student on a educational trip, someone taking a gap year or an individual that is visiting a new city on a limited time schedule or budget.

The concept of the guide is a 8 page quick flip through brochure intended to give a basic overview and money/time saving trips to first time travellers or those who are looking to spend their time in the most efficient time. The guide book is also designed to reflect the city using photography taken in New York, type and other visuals. As a collection each different guide book would represent the city its purposed for.

The concept also extends to an App which covers a more extensive range of cities.

CHILDREN'S ILLUSTRATION FOR WRAP PRODUCTSChildren's Illustration for Wrap Products

Here is a collection of illustrative character designs done for wrap products. They are directed at children aged 0-4 years of age and considered to be used as repeated patterns across different media.

The designs could be used on media such as; wrapping paper, wallpaper, apparel, fabric, notebooks and other content aimed at children and parent.

Grand Cafe Re-Packaging Design
Grand Cafe Re-Packaging Design

The idea was to take Grand Cafes currently bland packaging that is designed to sit under-counters and recreate the look that would stand out on shelf. I used illustration to represent the sourced countries and combined it with graphic design to bring out the really good points of the brand such as; its certifications and flavour selection.