Aaron Bhurji

Aaron Bhurji Profile My name is Aaron Bhurji and I have always had a passion of design since before i can remember.

Studying at BCU has enhanced my skills and work ethic more than i could have ever imagined. I have created some work which I am truly proud during my experience studying with some great tutors.

Banana Power Protein Tub (3D Print)Banana Power Protein Tub (3D Print)

Banana Power is a gym supplement brand which I created. I got this 3D print done because it was an idea to use as a tub to contain whey protein. It took a total of 84 hours to print.

Heathrow Airport Posters 01

Heathrow Airport Posters 02
Heathrow Airport Posters

These designs were created from a Saatchi & Saatchi brief which I was given. Heathrow Airport are going to create a new runway, this will affect people in the area but it opens the airport up to 40 new direct destinations. The purpose of this brief was to create something which could influence those that will be affected by the runway, to not be against it. I chose family orientated imagery and targeted the worst bit about travelling with a solution - not forgetting to mention the new runway and destinations.

MindFull Posters 01

MindFull Posters 02
MindFull Posters

MindFull is an organisation which supports those who are stressed, worried, mentally ill etc. I chose to raise awareness for those with bipolar. This is my outcome, there is a video to go with this project.