Thomas Wise

Multi media 3-D designer, who likes to bring the weird and wonderful to life.

My dream would be to create a monster as popular as Godzilla. Trained in set making, prop making, digital art, painting, drawing and is looking to expand my skills.

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Paint MonsterPaint Monster

All monsters in movies have a meaning behind them that reflects current events of their time. By reflecting on materials I have used in the past and combining them with common fears such as; shadows and humanoid figures. I have come up with the paint monster, which is a reflection of my artistic past. My idea is to have my monster stalk me in a handheld camera horror movie. Having the twist that I am a YouTube vlogger. This allows the audience member to view the action from a first person perspective making it scarier.

Bat PuppetBat Puppet

Inspired by war horse and parade puppets. I have created a puppet that I can use in a parade. With Working wings, and movable table. This puppet can be used by anyone and is very appealing to the eye to watch move.

Light manLight man

Creating a monster from my nightmare. I combined light photography, and stop motion animation and created a nightmare creation.