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Through studying Theatre, Performance and Event design, I have gained the artistic skills to work across a variety of mediums, including performance, media and the arts.

Particularly interested in the female body and performance art, I like to create spaces which focus on topical issues within todays society and shining a light on a topic many audiences can relate to.

Perception Through Her Eyes 1

Perception Through Her Eyes 2  

Perception Through Her Eyes 3Perception Through Her Eyes

Focusing on a topical yet constant insure within society. I wanted to shine a light on a subject which most can relate to in some way, by immersing females within a space which encompasses the reality of body dysmorphia. Through the precision of light, projection and a textile based installation.

The Objectification of Women 1

The Objectification of Women 2

The Objectification of Women 3

The Objectification of Women 4

The Objectification of Women

Focusing on the Objectification of women, I created a destination of discussion and opinion on a contemporary issue within todays society. Exploration of costume and performance in various locations meant it attracted a varied audience between all genders and ages, with the larger population being women. I wanted to shine a light on a subject which most can relate to in some way, by creating a performance in the public, giving audiences the option to voice their opinion.

Immersive James Bond ExhibitionImmersive James Bond Exhibition

Completing a live brief for merlin entertainments, creating an immersive exhibition for madame tussauds in London. Using 3D sketch-up to to create a walk through exhibition based on the James Bond film 'Spectre'.