Ben Ryan

Ben Ryan Profile I am a keen puppet maker and stop motion animator. Over my time at university I have learnt new skills from model making to video editing.

The three years have built up to me finally creating my own children's online art show called CraftShed. It is available to view on my YouTube channel I have also got the opportunity to work at festivals making artwork for both 2000 Trees and Download festivals.

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Hippie puppetHippie puppet
Mini Ben Mini Ben
Morgan puppetMorgan puppet

The puppets I created as characters for the online children's show i made called CraftShed

Troll modelTroll model

A silicone rubber troll model I made for a stop motion animation as part of CraftShed

Matilda puppetMatilda puppet
Burnt Matilda Burnt Matilda

The puppets I made for a performance of a story about a girl called Matilda who told lies and burnt to death in a fire

Animation setAnimation set

A set I made for a stop motion animation of Einstein's Dreams